EMail Replacement Tags for Challenges

To make Challenges and Virtual Events successful, you need to create interactions with participants. With our All in One system, we make this easy with our free email marketing and replacement tags.

We have created a number fo replacement tags that will automatically fill in each participant’s unique link for:

  • Digital Bib
  • Finisher Certificate
  • Individual Result Link
  • Log Activities Link

Creating scheduled emails X days after someone registers gives you a simple way to have a “Drip” campaign. For example, one day after they register, send them a welcome email with links to their digital bib and how to log their activities as well as a reminder to share with their friends. Then one week later, send them a reminder that also includes other information like the fact they can upload photos when they log their results or activities.

We will be adding more notification capabilities after we release milestones in the coming weeks that will automatically look for people who have done well and those that might need encouragement or reminders.

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