Fundraiser Milestone Confetti

There is more gamification to engage and celebrate your fundraisers when they hit fundraising milestones with the release of Fundraiser Milestone Confetti.

You must have fundraiser milestones set up for the fundraiser confetti to show. Navigate to Fundraising >> Individual Fundraisers >> Fundraiser Rewards.

Add one or multiple milestones for your fundraisers to achieve. You can include short messages that appear on the confetti pop-up as well as the fundraiser’s page. In addition to adding stars with the milestones, you can also upload custom milestone badges. This gives your nonprofit another opportunity to promote your brand and your mission with fundraiser rewards!

When you click Save, the fundraiser confetti will be automatically enabled for milestones. Note that only your fundraisers will see the congratulations message and confetti when logged into the platform.

This update, along with virtual challenge milestone, badges, and notifications, give your nonprofit fun and engaging ways to reward your fundraisers through gamification and messaging that features your brand and your mission.

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