Unrealistic Pace Prevention for Virtual Challenge Activities

We have added a pace confirmation message for Virtual Challenges if the user is about to enter a time and distance for an Activity that would be unrealistic for the selected Activity Type. This has been added to prevent some instances that we have seen where participants accidentally enter 400 miles for a bike ride instead of 40 for instance.

We have made some assumptions around what a “reasonable” pace is for each Activity Type (Run, Ride, Swim, Walk, Ski, and Paddle/Row) and offer up a confirmation checkbox if the user is going to submit something that we think is too fast or too slow.

We always represent the pace preview in minutes per mile, unless it is a bike ride, where we use miles per hour:

The user always has the option to ignore the warning message and verify anyways.

We think this will help to ensure that your challenge results stay accurate, and prevent users from unlocking all of their milestones and badges due to a simple mistake in their data entry.

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