RaceDay Scoring Update Gives Timers Real Time Progress Stats and Meters

October Update!

Race timers are invited to watch this recent update on RaceDay Scoring. Now is a great time to prepare for the comeback of onsite events – especially for those virtual hybrid events with defined course paths and flexible start times.

Reporting and Visual Improvements:

Recent changes include significant improvements in the dashboard and navigation as described more here.

RaceDay Scoring v2.1.3 now available:

Key updates include:

  • Added option to delete all Groups/Teams
  • Added group bib number to participant import screen
  • Updated default reports for events that have relay team group options enabled.

In addition, RaceDay Scoring now generates separate Reports for each Group Type within that Event. So if you have 2-person Male and 2-person Female Group Types, you will now see that you have two separate Default Reports generated -instead of one Report with separate Report Sections for each Group Type.

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