Introducing the New Donation Form Wizard

Just in time for Giving Tuesday, we are introducing the new GiveSignup Donation Form wizard that makes it easy for nonprofits to create donation forms in minutes. Donation forms combine ease of use with a modern and beautiful design that elevates your donations for both targeted campaigns and general donations. This is an easy solution for your nonprofit to create custom giving campaigns that save time, help you raise more, and save money.

This blog walks through the steps to create your Donation Forms:

Getting Started

You can create one or multiple donation forms for your nonprofit’s year-round donations as well as targeted donation campaigns from

If your nonprofit uses RunSignup | GiveSignup for a virtual event, challenge, or run/walk/ride, you can use your RunSignup login to sign into GiveSignup. This will let you easily link your payment account to new donation forms.

Donation Form Wizard

Basic Info

The first step of the Donation Form Wizard requires you to enter basic information about your nonprofit and donation settings for the form.

First, enter your nonprofit’s name and contact email. This should be the general contact email for your nonprofit, or the email that you would want donors to contact if they had any questions. The timezone will default to your IP address, and ensures that your donation reports show the correct timezone.

Next you will customize the donation form:

  • Donation Form Name: This will show as the heading on your donation form; for example “Giving Tuesday”, “Make a Difference with your Donation Today”, “Sponsor a Student”, etc.
  • Donation Dates: Set a start and an optional end date for your donation form.
  • Donation Message: Add a description that is unique to your campaign, or simply add your nonprofit’s mission statement
  • Donation Closed Message: If you’ve added an end date, add a Donation Closed message to let donors know that the campaign has ended.
  • Donation Frequency: Offer one or more giving options. One-time and monthly are pre-selected, but you can choose any one or combination of the options.
  • Donation Levels: The Donation Form Wizard has 4 default donation levels that donors can choose from (they can always enter a custom amount as well). You can delete, add, or update the given donation levels, as well as add descriptions.


  • Logo: This will show at the top and bottom of the donation form as well as the confirmation page and donation receipt. You can use your nonprofit’s logo or add a custom logo per form. In the example below, the logo was created on Canva and is 500px by 500px.
  • Confirmation Page Redirect: You can add a call to action on the confirmation page that takes donors to a specific link like your website, a Youtube video, etc.
  • Theme Color: You can select one of the default themes or select your own. Note that only the first and fourth colors will be applied to the forms (the other colors are only applicable if you upgrade to a full donation website).


You can link an existing payment account that your events use on RunSignup | GiveSignup, create a new payment account, or invite the person responsible for Finances to set up the payment account.
Note: Only 501c3s that are greater than $50,000 revenue per year OR a 501c3 that has used RunSignup with one year of processing and in good standing.

Flexible processing fees let your nonprofit use GiveSignup Donation Forms for free, saving your nonprofit more money than PayPal donations. If your nonprofit chooses to absorb the fee, you can still give donors the option to cover the processing fee:


You can now view your Donation Form. Then go to your Dashboard to make additional customizations, view reports, and create more forms!

Manage and Add Donation Forms

You can view and manage your donation forms anytime from your profile on GiveSignup:

This will take you to your Dashboard:

Click the arrow to the right to drill into a form. This will allow you to view and export reports and make edits to your donation form.

  • View Donations and View Recurring Donations let you drill into reports, manage donations, and download reports. There is a search bar that you can expand to filter reports or quickly locate a donation.
  • Edit Form: You can easily make updates at any time to your form here. You can also add additional features to your donation form, like Tribute Information and Donation Use Designations.


You can manage settings that apply to all donation forms, as well as view and export financial details and reports for all of your forms.

Add More Donation Forms

You can easily add more donation forms that use the same payment account and settings. The set up will be the same as editing the settings for your current forms. Once you save the new form, you’ll see all donation forms for your nonprofit that you can easily manage.

Upgrade to a Donation Website

There is a Free Upgrade option that will let your nonprofit upgrade to a Full Donation Website. Why would your nonprofit want to upgrade to a full donation website?

  • Add a custom domain or subdomain
  • Create fundraising campaigns with the free Facebook Fundraiser integration
  • Design a cover page that features your nonprofit’s brand, mission, and Donate call to action
  • Add a donation goal that displays on your website and donation page.

The upgrade process will take you through a short wizard to add some settings for your website. Your donation forms will still be live and accessible (navigate to Donation Forms from your new Dashboard), and you’ll be able to create additional forms from your new Donation Website Dashboard.

Why GiveSignup for Donation Forms?

Donation forms give nonprofits a 100% white-label solution to raise more and save money:

  • Flexible giving frequencies that you can mix and match – one-time, monthly, quarterly, and annual
  • Short and clean URLs that make it easy to share your form
  • Donor covered fees that give your supporters the option to cover the processing fee when they donate
  • Tribute information that lets donors donate as a gift or in honor of someone
  • Modern design that features your nonprofit and your message – never GiveSignup
  • Custom donation receipts that you can easily customize and that your donors can use as tax deductible receipts
  • Free Upgrade to a Full Donation Website so that your nonprofit can build a beautiful website, add a donation goal, and create unlimited fundraising campaigns integrated with Facebook Fundraising – while still keeping and adding donation forms!

You can create your donation form for free here: or Schedule a Call if you’d like to talk to one of our fundraising experts to learn more about how GiveSignup can help your nonprofit raise more, save money, and save time.

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