EMail V2 – Managing Unsubscribes

In addition to giving each event an unlimited contacts and unlimited sends full capability email system, we provide a couple of powerful features to manage unsubscribes.

Marketing and Transaction Email Accounts

We provide each event with two accounts – one for marketing and one for transactional emails. This allows you to send maybe too many marketing oriented emails that some people may unsubscribe from, but you can still reach them by sending your race week email update from your transactional account. Today, that is on the first step of creating an email, but will switch soon to the Review Page before your email is sent.

Managing Unsubscribes

In addition to having two email “buckets” you can send from – “Marketing” and “Transactional”, you can also manage your own Unsubscribes. We migrated all of the Unsubscribes that you have gotten from the first version of Email Marketing, so you will see those now. But the cool thing we have added is that you can un-unsubscribe individuals. Of course you need to respect the email laws and our terms of service and not abuse this, but this is very convenient when someone accidentally unsubscribes.

Adding Unsubscribes

And if someone asks you to take them off your email list, we make that easy as well:


Our free email system provides features normally found only in costly email systems. These unsubscribe features keep your email communications in compliance with laws and regulations around email (so please do not abuse them).

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