Types of Ticket Events

With the introduction of TicketSignup earlier this month, we’ve had an influx of questions from customers, including the most basic one: what type of events use TicketSignup’s Ticket Events instead of RunSignup’s Registration Events? The answer is: many! Ticket events include everything from corn mazes and holiday light shows to luncheons and free events.

This blog breaks down some of the event types that have opted for (and succeeded with) the TicketSignup platform.


Festivals come in may shapes and sizes, including fall festivals for the whole family, beer festivals, music festivals, film festivals, and much more! Festivals often span multiple days with a variety of entrance times.

Key Ticket Features for Festivals

  • Flexible setup options make it easy to offer tickets for a variety of of timeslots across multiple days.
  • Maximize ticket sales with an efficient, easy ticket-buying process that speeds purchasing by collecting information only for the purchaser.
  • The Ticket CheckIn App allows for efficient check-in of thousands of attendees quickly, eliminating lines and ensuring a positive experience on event day, and makes it easier to manage re-entry.

Check out this festival…

The Chicago Beer Festival increased ticket sales 110% and grew revenue 227% in 2021. They grew the attendance with coupon codes and referrals, while reducing costs by using TicketSignup’s free, integrated email platform.

Halloween Events

Community Halloween events like haunted houses, spooky spooky lightshows, and costumed gatherings are big business in the fall, and we’ve already seen Halloween events exceed 60,000 ticket purchases. Events of this scale require robust technology with a few key features, and you can learn more about using TicketSignup for a Halloween event and find a sample event here.

Key Ticket Features for Halloween Events

  • Multi-Day Options for Tickets: Halloween events often span days or weeks, with multiple timeslots for each day and separately priced options for adult and children’s tickets. TicketSignup’s ticket groups allow an event to group adult and children’s tickets by event date to make it easy for attendees to find and select optimal tickets.
  • Ticket Management: With so many options for timeslots and dates, attendees are guaranteed to want to change their time selections – which can lead to high volumes of customer service. Self-serve transfer options make it easy for attendees to change the date and time of tickets on their own, with no emails of phone calls needed.
  • Ticket CheckIn: Getting 60,000 attendees into a show over several weeks creates a significant logistical challenge. The Ticket CheckIn App makes it easy for the team on-site to look up attendees tickets in seconds, check them in, and access reporting for each timeslot.

Check out this Halloween Show…

The Halloween Happening at the Salisbury Zoo is a friendlier, kid-focused Halloween event for children 10 and under who may not be ready for the scariest haunted house. In addition to tickets for children and their accompanying adults, the event offered discounted Early Bird Combo tickets for one adult and one child when they bought their tickets in advance.


Conventions bring together groups of attendees with similar interests, including those with the same professions, hobbies, or goals. Conventions can span one or several days, and may have VIP or add-on options.

Key Ticket Features for Conventions

  • Price increases to incentivize potential attendees to commit early to joining the convention.
  • Information collection options to require full attendee data on every ticket, not just the ticket purchaser.
  • Detailed information about each ticket option, including pricing for different groups of attendees.

Check out this Convention…

The NON-COMMvention 2022, produced by WXPN for Triple A stations, gathers public (non-commercial) radio music programmers and managers, music industry representatives, and music media from across North America. Tickets for the convention can be purchased alone or with tickets to the preceding Public Radio Music Summit.


Looking for a premier event to showcase your organization? Galas are a staple for many organizations, bringing people together for a high-end evening of food, drink, and socialization.

Key Ticket Features for Galas

  • Flexible pricing to allow for purchasing options like general tickets, VIP tickets, and a block of tickets making up an entire table.
  • Integrated donation collection for galas supporting a nonprofit
  • Ability to ask additional questions during the purchasing path to gather more information about your most highly engaged attendees.

Check out this Gala…

The 2022 Taste of the Race provided a premium culinary experience to kickoff a local race weekend. Ticket options allowed attendees to choose between general admission dinner tickets and VIP tickets with a pre-dinner meet and greet reception – while providing attendees with an opportunity to make a donation.

Theater Performances

Theater performances are a timeless form of entertainment. They bring people together for a shared experience, and can be put on as one-time shows or a set of rotating shows throughout the year.

Key Ticket Features for Theater Performances

  • Dynamic website capabilities that allow for adding necessary logistical information, such as theater setup, parking locations, and available concessions, either to your cover page or as separate menu items.
  • Free, customizable cover pages for your website to fully brand your performance and immerse potential attendees in the spirit of the show.
  • Ticket groups for each day of the show, with separate tickets (with separate pricing) for each show, such as for adult and student tickets.

Check out this Theater Performance…

Shrek the Musical sold out their show in August of 2021, bringing joy to their Wilmington audience over four shows in three days. The family-friendly show offered a $2 discount for student tickets, and the strategy paid off with 36% of tickets purchased for students.

Golf Tournament

Golf tournaments are a popular way to raise money and provide a fun, social day to your attendees. As events go, golf tournaments vary widely, and require a range of tools, but regardless of the route you choose, they provide a day to remember.

Key Ticket Features for Golf Tournaments:

  • Ability to sell sponsorships, as well as individual tickets, through different ticket groups.
  • Customizable ticket information to include a description of what each ticket includes.
  • Ticket caps to close sales on tickets that have been purchased, such as sponsorships for a beverage cart or a tickets to a tee-times with limited space.

Check out this Golf Tournament…

The Lisa Martz Charity Classic offered a wide range of tickets and sponsorship options to get get both golfers and non-golfers engaged, including everything from a corporate Gold Level Sponsorship to a $100 sign sponsorship. The tournament benefits the Lisa Martz Hope Scholarship Fund, which has awarded $73,000 in scholarships over the past four years.

Scavenger Hunt

Take the creative route for your ticket event with a scavenger hunt. Nothing is more engaging – or more tailored for socialization than scavenger hunts. Pick a theme and go crazy!

Key Ticket Features for Scavenger Hunts:

  • Ability to add sponsor content to your event website, with linkable logos that link back to sponsor pages.
  • Ticket options for individuals or groups, with flexible pricing options that incentivize larger groups by allowing you to discount tickets for groups that register more than a certain number of attendees at once (I.E., four tickets for $50 and $10 for each additional ticket).
  • Custom questions to ask the ticket purchaser for basic information about the additional attendees they are bringing.

Check out this Scavenger Hunt…

The SWA 4R Scavenger Hunt took theme to the next level, with customizations on everything from the website colors to the words chosen for action buttons (I.E., Join the Hunt instead of Purchase Tickets). The spirited website also includes a fun, engaging video to ensure that attendees have all the relevant information to take part in the scavenger hunt – complete with pirate costumes, of course.

And Much, Much More…

Not seeing the type of event you’re interested in? There are too many event options to mention them all, but you can find a few more exciting event options below:

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