RaceDay Checkin v3.2.16 Is Now Available!

We are very excited to announce the newest update to one of our favorite products, RaceDay Checkin! This update includes quite a few features that our customers have been waiting on for a while, along with a few bug fixes. You can find the updates today in the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store!

See below for a demonstration of some of the most critical updates, and a full list of changes below that.

Feature Updates

Added Support For Updating Custom Question Responses in the App.

Custom Questions are now available in the “Information Updates” area of Presets, which will allow you to update Participant’s Custom Question Responses with the app.

We support the most popular types of questions, but there are a few that are not implemented due to them being not highly utilized and/or difficult to implement. Some types of Custom Questions that do not support editing at this time.

  • Internal Questions
  • Free-Form URL Questions
  • Time Entry Questions
  • Questions with “Allowed Values”

Consolidated Most Information Changes to a Single “Update Registrant Info” View.

Instead of having buttons for each Information Change (Corral Update, Giveaway Update, Name Update, etc…) we have moved all of those changes into a single form, accessible via the new “Update Registrant Info” button when checking a Participant in. This will make it easier if you ever have to make more than one change at a time to Participants.

Note that Event Switching is not included in the Update Registrant Info view, because changing Events changes what fields are available to a registrant, so we left that as it’s own button like it was prior to this change.

Added The Ability to Show Volunteer Question Responses.

You can now select that you would like to show Volunteer Question Responses in the Volunteer Mode of the Checkin App.

Note: We do not support editing Volunteer Question Responses.

Added Giveaway to the Checkin Confirmation Screen.

Now you will be able to see the Giveaway Option selected by the Participant you are checking in on the confirmation screen to assist with making sure that your volunteers hand out the correct shirt size, for instance.

Added Name to Bib Assignment Screen.

Prior to this change, the screen did not give you any information of the Participant you are assigning a bib to. This now provides more context, and allows you to more easily write the name of the Participant onto the bib you are assigning to them for more effective distribution when using a Dynamic Bib Assignment method.

Added Age as a Column to the Participant List.

This is helpful if you have two people with the same name but different ages and need to make sure you check in the correct one. For instance, a Jr. and Sr. with the exact same first and last name.

Locked State Preserved After Force Closing App.

Prior to this change, you could bypass the lock function by force closing the app and opening it up again. Now this locked state is preserved even if the app is force closed.

Added First and Last Name to Queued Edits.

In case you ever need to manually record changes that did not get pushed to RunSignup, this makes it easier to identify the user that need to be updated. Prior to this change, you had to use the Registration ID to look someone up. First Name/Last Name is easier to understand and locate the record with to update on RunSignup.

Added Non-Binary Gender Update Support.

User Interface Updates

Updated Search Bar

Removed redundant search icon, and moved the camera search button up into the header. Made search bars more consistent across screens.

Updated Checkin Stats

Changed the color scheme and centered interface elements.

Made Authentication Errors More Easy to Understand.

Updated messages like “Failed to Authenticate” to “Incorrect Password”.

Changed “N/A” to Blank for Fields That Have No Value.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing the Time Zone of the Registration Date field to not show correctly when a registration occurred outside of Eastern Standard Time Zone.

Fixed an issue causing Checkbox Type Question Responses to Show as Blank in the App.

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