RaceDay Checkin v3.2.21 is Now Available!

We are very excited to release a major update to the RaceDay Checkin App. This version includes an overhaul to the Preset & Configuration Editor, making it easier to understand and use, a variety of QR/Barcode scanning updates to make your Checkin workflow more efficient, and a whole lot more!

Feature Updates

Improvements to Presets & Configurations

Made Preset Configuration Sections Collapsible and Other Improvements.

It will be much easier to understand what settings are available to you now. When you add a Preset, we will show each of the types of things you can control – Checkin Steps, Information Display, Information Changes, and Advanced Options. You can click the Categories to open up all of the settings beneath it.

This was applied to Participant and Volunteer Preset Settings Views.

Added Functionality to Apply New Preset to Events.

Prior to this change, you would have to create a Preset, then apply it to any Events that you want to use it for. Now we prompt you to apply the Preset you have just created to any Events you have as a final step in the Preset creation process.

Changed Toggles to Checkboxes.

Checkboxes indicate to a user that the change made is not applied until the user saves the screen that they are on, while toggle switches indicate that just flipping the toggle saves the changes by itself, like a light switch. We have changed over any settings that require a save before changes are applied to use a checkbox to make this clear.

Added the ability to Update Chip Codes in the Update Registration Info.

Added the ability to Update Bib Number in the Update Registration Info Area.

This allows you to use the Update Registration Info form to make changes to the Bib Number if you prefer that method over using the standard check-in bib assignment flow.

QR/Barcode Scanning Improvements

Added Audio and Vibration Feedback When Scanning with Camera.

These are found in the main “Device” settings area in the bottom toolbar when looking at the list of Races.

Added QR/Barcode Scanning for Group/Team Bib Assignment.

You can now tap the camera icon in the top right to use the camera to scan a bib into the Group/Team Bib field.

Added the ability to Scan a Participant and Check Them In, Even If The Event They are Registered For is Not Included in The Preset Being Used.

We will show a banner at the top of the view telling you that this Participant is in a hidden Event.

Added Ability to Scan Bib Codes To Look Up Participants.

Prior to this change, you could only scan Registration IDs to look up Participants. This is helpful for situations where you are pre-assigning bibs but want to use the Checkin App for other purposes.

Quick Checkin

Added “Quick Checkin Auto-Confirm” Setting.

This is found under the Race Settings > Advanced Options area and allows Quick Checkin to automatically confirm a check-in after some set time period. We will show a countdown on the Checkin Confirmation view when this is enabled.

The options are:

  • 3 seconds
  • 5 seconds
  • 10 seconds
  • Off (Do not automatically confirm.)

Added The Ability to Checkin Participants That Are Already Checked In with Quick Checkin Mode Enabled.

You can use this to confirm information again if necessary. We show a note that this user has already been checked in if that is the case.

Related Registrations

Updated “Linked Registrations” Terminology to “Related Registrations”.

We found that the wording “Linked” didn’t make as much sense as “Related” for users.

Added Same Team Fundraiser Option for Related Registrations.

Changed Related Registrations to Show on Checkin Confirmation View.

Now you will be presented with a list of related registrations on the Checkin Confirmation view. We list out all related registration types you have enabled in Presets > Checkin Steps:

  • Same Team
  • Same Corporate Team
  • Same Transaction
  • Same Fundraising Team

USAT Membership Improvements

Improved USAT Membership Information Display for One-Day Members.

Added USAT Info to Pending Sync Queue.

Queued Edit Improvements

Added Warning Banner When Queued Edits Exist.

We now show a warning banner if there are any items in your Queued Edits list. This will help you resolve any issues manually that are not syncing properly.

Queued Exports now include participant / volunteer names

Added Ability to Export Queued Volunteer Edits.

Other Features

App Lock Now Allows “My Configuration Options” Changes.

Now when a device is locked, you can still update settings about how the data that is available to you in the Preset you are using is displayed, how the search works, whether or not participants who are checked in should be hidden, etc…

Added “Exact Match Lookup” Speed Settings.

This is found under the Race Settings > Advanced Options area and allows you to control how fast we will automatically load an exact match when searching for a Participant. The options are

  • Fast
  • Medium
  • Slow
  • Off (Disable automatic loading of Participant when an exact match is found.)

Added Message When Searching For a Race to Remind Users That They Need to Enable The Race For Checkin on the Race Dashboard If No Matching Races are Found.

We find that a lot of new users don’t understand that they need to enable a Checkin Period in order to look up a Race in the app. This will help point them in the right direction.

Bugs Fixed

RunSignup Corrected an Issue Causing Check-ins to Fail for Those Without US Zip Codes.

This issue was resolved on the server-side, so no app update is necessary for this particular fix.

Internal RunSignup Questions Will Now Be Available To Show and Update Responses For.

Fixed a Bug Causing a Crash When Loading a Previous Version of a Race.

This was typical for a volunteer who used the Checkin App at the same Race two years in a row and still had the old database. Now we will automatically delete the old database and load in the new one, preventing the crash.

Fixed an Issue Causing Pre-Assigned Chips to be Cleared When a Bib is Assigned.

Fixed an issue with App Lock

Fixed An Issue with QR/Bar Code Scanning When Encountering Numbers with Whitespace or Other Characters.

We now remove any characters other than numbers when processing codes scanned with the camera. This should help if you are scanning labels on RFID chips.

**Fixed Issues When Transferring Events. **

  • Related Registrations show deleted participants after changing events but before changes have synced
  • Preserve Checkin State of Original Registration

Fixed an Issue Causing Volunteer Tasks to Disappear.

Fixed an Issue Selecting Presets for Events

Fixed an Issue Causing Question Responses to not be formatted properly in Queued Edits Exports.

Fixed an Issue When Performing Multiple Edits In a Row for a Registration.

Fixed an Issue When Adding Group/Team Bib Numbers.

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