Display Age Based Pricing in Event Tiles

Special discounted pricing for custom age ranges can now be shown within your RunSignup website homepage and purchase path tiles. Previously, registrants were required to click a button within the tiles to reveal age based pricing. This new feature makes it easy to learn about these special discounts and take advantage of them – reducing confusion and providing additional motivation at the point of purchase.

Set up age based pricing

First, let’s review how to set up age based pricing. On your race dashboard, go to Financial >> Age Based Pricing.

Next, find the event for which you want to set up age based pricing and fill in the settings according to your preferences. You can add multiple age ranges, set start and end dates for the special pricing, remove the giveaway (t-shirt, for example), or prevent additional discounting from membership based price adjustments. See the example below the Cycle of Hope charity bike ride with two age based pricing tiers for their 10-mile Starter Ride event.

For more information on these settings, check out our help resource for age based pricing.

Add age based pricing to event tiles

Scroll back up to the top where website display settings are located. By default, age based pricing does not show. To enable it, click on the checkbox next to “Display Age Based Pricing on website.”

You will then have the option to show age based pricing on your homepage event tiles, registration path event tiles, or both.

Be sure to click the “Save Age Based Pricing” button at the bottom of the page to complete the set-up.

On your RunSignup website homepage, you will see the special age based pricing listed below the current regular price for your event.

Once a registrant clicks to enter the purchase path, the tile confriming the event they are registering for can also show the age based pricing.

Age based pricing is a great way to encourage registrants to sign up the whole family without breaking the bank. It also allows race organizers to simplify registration options that need differentiated pricing without having to set up multiple events for each age range. The ability to display the pricing prominently (and without an extra click) maximizes the benefit of this money-saving opportunity for participants.

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