Webinar Recap: Ticket Event Day

Branching out into new types of events? If you’re an expert on RaceDay but new to ticket events, this webinar is here to help. The basics will sound familiar: communicate your processes in advance, provide self-serve event management options when possible, and take advantage of a CheckIn App. Join us to learn about our purpose-built tools for Ticket Event Day!

Here’s a quick recap of what was covered in this webinar

  • Ticket management options to reduce customer service
  • Free communication tools to prepare attendees
  • Ticket CheckIn App for seamless crowd management
  • Product Demo

Whether you’re hosting a community fundraising event or a large-scale festival, your event day experience is the key to creating loyal attendees and growing your event. Learn how to provide clear communication, flexible options, a smooth and speedy check-in process, and post-event celebrations and bring your attendees back year after year.

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