Pre-Approved Corral Lists

We have added a new feature similar to our existing Loyalty List feature that allows you to set up a list of potential participants who you would like to let bypass the Estimated Finish Time required field when selecting a Corral. You will provide a list of names, emails, and Dates of Birth to identify those participants that you would like to allow.


The feature is found under Race Corrals > Set Up Corrals > Pre-Approved Corral Lists

Here you can add in multiple lists and assign them to any existing Corrals you have.

You can use the left column to add or edit lists, and the right column to associate lists with Corrals. Note that you can have a single list that is used for multiple Corrals if needed.

Now that you have set up your Pre-Approved Corral List, you can use Add Pre-Approved Corral Members button to add members to the list, or upload a CSV of Pre-Approved Corral Members:

You can use the “Import from CSV” section to provide a spreadsheet of potential participants that you would like to add to your Pre-Approved Corral List.

Once loaded, use the “Add Pre-Approved Corral Members” button to complete the import.

Now that you have the Pre-Assigned List settings complete, and you have participants added to your list, you will want to set up your Corral Assignment Options to force users to enter an estimated finish time, set a valid timeframe to qualify, and require the participants to select a corral on their own:

User Experience

“Test Person” is allowed to bypass the estimated finish time requirement, whereas “Matt Avery” is forced to enter his time in order to proceed with registering for the selected Corral.

While not yet currently available, we do plan on giving Race Directors a way to restrict Corral selection to only those on Pre-Approved Corral Lists at some point in time.

Stay tuned for updates on this feature in the future!

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