RaceDay Scoring v3.2.15 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added the ability to customize Aggregate Team Detail Report Filters to only show those that scored.

This is found in Team Detail Report Sections when building Reports under the “Filters & Sorts” section.

This will hide all participants who weren’t used towards counting the group’s aggregate placement. Participants who were not originally scored, but were used as Tie-Breakers, will not be included in the shown list.

Added the ability to import adjustments to specific segments.

This is found under Participants > Actions.

This will allow you import Segment adjustment times for a specified participant. Prior to this change you could only import adjustments to the “Entire Race Segment” field. You will need to create a spreadsheet with a column for a reference to the participant (RunSignup Registration ID or RDGO Participant ID), and each Segment that needs to be adjusted. The name of the headers besides the ID will need to match the Segment name in RDS exactly.

Added “Aggregate Custom Field” options when creating Custom Computed Fields.

This is found under Scoring > Computed Fields > Add/Edit Custom Fields.

This will allow you to build custom computed fields that are based on the average, minimum, or maximum of any number of other fields. This can be used to produce a single field that holds the minimum time over three different segments, for instance.

You could create a millisecond version of this field to sort by, then create a readable time to display, then create a report that sorts by and displays this custom field if you needed to score a race based on the min. time over some selection of segments.

Bugs Fixed

Change Participant Export so that Sub-Event Participants have their event name replaced with their Sub-Event name instead of their Super-Event name.

So instead of “Bundle” it would show “5k”, “10k” for each sub-event version of the super-event participant.

Fixed An Issue when entering Time formatted Custom Fields.

Fixed An Issue with manual Marker Reads.

Removed unneeded database version log message from notifications.

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