Renew Race Scoring Configurations, Import/Export Report Templates, and More in RaceDay Scoring v3.2.16!

Feature Updates

Report Template Import/Export Support

You can now import and export report template packages between computers. This is helpful if you have a set of templates that you typically use that you want to move over to another computer.

Report Templates can now be accessed from the Reports List
Here you can manage Report Templates. You can Export/Import them, add new ones, and edit existing ones.
Importing Templates will let you select which Templates you would like imported from the file. Any Templates with the same name will be overwritten.

Added the Ability to Renew a Scoring Setup.

There is a new option in the Race List to renew a Race. This allows you to keep all of your scoring setup but pull down all the new event year registration information from RunSignup.

Items like Timing Locations, Streams, Segments, Reports, Age Groups, Top Finishers, Reports, etc… will all be copied to the new year. Reads will be removed, and Participants replaced with the new Participant data.

We do require you to map any variable fields that could change year over year. Specifically, things like Corrals, Team Types, Custom Questions are things that typically can change when a Race renews, so you must map what is used in the old setup with what is in the new year version of the Race. This is critical if you use RunSignup Custom Question Responses to drive Top Finisher Categories or Report Filters.

You can renew a Race from the Race List
Select the year of Events you would like to renew to
Map Registration Events and other fields

Added the Ability to Name Race Backups When Creating a Cloud Backup of a Race.

Now you have the option to include a name when you create a Cloud Backup. This will make it easier to identify different versions of a setup.

Added the Ability to Create a Cloud Backup With a Race Loaded.

In the green toolbar near the Force Sync button, you can now quickly create a Cloud Backup. You no longer need to exit a Race to back it up to the Cloud.

Added Entire Race Gun/Corral Start Time of Day Field to Custom Computer Field Builder.

You can now use the Entire Race Gun/Corral Start Time of Day Field when building calculated fields. This could be used as a way to build a “Chip Difference” field to show how long after the actual start time a participant crossed the start line.

Changed IPICO default Stream Settings to show ActiveTiming Streams.

Since ActiveTiming users use IPICO hardware, it made sense to allow those who set their default system to IPICO to be able to add an ActiveTiming Stream.

Added RDS Participant ID to Participant View/Edit

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with import setup only races under certain circumstances

Fixed an issue causing Super Event Participants’ Results Panel in View/Edit Participants to not wrap Sub Event Names in the Event Selection area.

Fixed issue causing Team Name search to not work properly in reports

Fixed an issue causing the shutdown prompt to show beneath other full-screen dialogs.

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