RaceDay CheckIn – New and Improved Presets and Configurations in v3.2.27!

IMPORTANT UPGRADE NOTICE: After upgrading to this version, any presets and configurations for saved Races will need to be created again.

General Updates

Presets and Configurations can now be edited.

Before this update you could not edit existing Presets or Configurations, you would have to create new versions of them. Now you are able to edit existing Presets and Configurations.

Presets and Configurations can now either be saved Locally or Synced to the cloud.

When you create or edit a Preset or Configuration, you are now asked if you would like to keep the add/edit local, or if you would like to sync it so that others can see it and use it. Be careful with this as it will update other devices currently using any Preset or Configuration that you have edited and synced to the cloud.

If you would like to not apply your changes to other devices, simply use the Local Copy option so that the changes only apply to your device and are not sent to others.

Added a Prompt to Select a Configuration when Loading a Race that has any Custom Configurations Set Up.

This will bring up a selection menu so that a volunteer who has just downloaded the app will have less steps to load a Configuration that you have set up.

Updated Conditional Questions Preset so that you can customize which responses should show.

Prior to this change you could only enable or disable the parent question, and it would show or hide all children questions. Now you can pick and choose children questions to show as needed.

Removed popup asking if you would like to enter Participant or Volunteer Mode on Race load.

You can switch modes in the menu.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue when getting Fundraisers for Races with more than 500 Fundraisers.

Fixed an issue with syncing Fundraisers after deleting a Race and re-loading it.

RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.27 is available now on app stores!

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