RaceDay Scoring v3.3.5 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Updated USAT Export to include Participants missing state or zip codes.

This would cause some international participants to not show in exports if they did not have a state or zip code provided. This will allow these participants to be included in the export data.

Updated Race List sort functionality so that it is retained when closing the app and starting it again.

Updated Results and Participant Sync to always stay synchronized with eachother.

Syncing of Participant data and Result data will now always run on the same interval – every 30 seconds. This change was made to reduce issues where we could cause RunSignup Results to lock up due to syncs happening to participant records and result records for a participant at the same time.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue that could cause the app to crash after clearing chip cross reference.

Fixed an issue causing Actual Start Times and Corral Start Times to not be cleared when renewing a Race.

Fixed an issue causing reads from Backup Streams to be selected even if a time was available on a Main Stream.

Fixed an issue with Custom Computed Fields causing race exports/backups to not be able to be imported on another computer.

Fixed an issue with multi-segment aggregate team scored events which would cause teams to not properly show as incomplete.

Fixed an issue causing Corral assignment imports to not work properly when Corral names were numbers.

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