RaceDay Checkin v3.2.30 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Updated Loading Progress Component.

We improved the loading indicator, adding progress for loading Fundraiser data separate from the Participant/Volunteer data.

Added the ability to quickly edit a Preset from the Configuration setup by tapping the arrow next to the Preset Name.

This should make it easier to update a currently selected Preset by first tapping the currently selected Configuration, then tapping the arrow next to the Event Preset you want to update.

Made a change to automatically apply the old Fundraiser Team association when transferring a Participant to another Event.

Prior to this change, we did not automatically copy over old Fundraising Team info.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue causing large Races using Team Fundraisers to have slow performance throughout the app.

Fixed an issue causing an error when tapping a Registration ID to navigate to RunSignup.

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