Race Director January Newsletter

Promotional Ideas for 2013!

There are lots of ways to promote your race.  In this newsletter we will highlight some of the ones that might help increase participation in your races:

Age-Based Pricing – Target younger runners or older runners to your race!  If movie theatres do it, why not you?

Group-based Pricing – How about doing a Family Plan?  Perhaps give $5.00 off per family member, or $25 off for a family of 4 or more?

Coupons – Offer your local running store a coupon to give to their customers or advertise in their email.  Or get aggressive and use GroupOn or Living Social to do a big marketing effort – we have seen these really increase registrations at some races (although it can be expensive.)

Discounts – Make a simple discount available to runners.  A lot of races do this for USATF or RRCA members.

Gift Certificates – We are seeing more and more friends and family buying gift certificates for their favorite runner.

Virtual Race Bags – Help your race go green.  Give an extra perk to your runners and your sponsors with this great replacement to the old style goodie bag.

EMail – This remains the most impactful way to draw people to your race.  All it takes are a couple of simple reminders.  Don’t forget to use all the email addresses from previous year’s races, and look into list rental from magazines like Runners World if you have a marketing budget.

RunSignUp First Tuesday Webinar

This month we will be reviewing Promotion Options as well as discussing our Scalability Tests that attained 50,000 registrations in 7 minutes and over 100,000 result views per minute. We will also open the floor to questions and try to answer all of them!

See our last webinar by clicking here.  And join us on our next First Tuesday Webinar on January 8 at 7PM Eastern. Click here to register!

In addition, we are having a special Webinar on Thursday highlighting Virtual Race Bags at 2PM Eastern.  Click here to register!

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