Keeping Ahead of Growth

GrowthWe are growing very fast thanks to all of the great word of mouth we are receiving from race directors, timers and clubs that use us.

Our challenge is to make sure we can handle the growth.  Fortunately we have been involved with several companies in the past and we’ve been paying attention to several key areas:

  • Stable Product.  We’ve worked very hard to make sure we have a solid web service.  While we do have occasional bugs, we fix them quickly.  More importantly, we have done lots of testing and use an incremental approach to continually get better.
  • Repeatable Product.  We do not do custom solutions.  If a customer needs a feature and we can fit it in our schedule, then we build it into the service for general use.  We’re doing this right now for Corporate Teams – so large Corporate Team races will be able to use us in lots of different ways, but all as part of the standard offering.
  • Ease of Use.  We get a dozen + or so new races every day on our site.  While we still have much higher aspirations for ease of use, we find it gratifying how few support emails and calls we get.  We are being successful in creating a self-service platform that people can easily use.
  • Videos.  We have invested a lot in videos for training.
  • Customer Service.  We get lots of rave reviews because of our availability to help customers.  We will continue to try to make sure we have the prompt, enthusiastic and educated staff to serve you!

Thanks to everyone for helping us grow.  And of course for all the feedback and help.  We intend to keep up with the rising demand and provide a great web service for the running community.

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