Your Race EMail

EMail for RacesEasy communications with your runners is very important.  Your EMail is an important part of that.  Fortunately, Google GMail makes this easy.  There are two important features:

  • EMail name – set up or easily.
  • Have a single email address that gets forwarded to multiple people on your race committee so questions get answered quickly.
This is free to set up.  Simply go to gmail and set up an account.  Hopefully no one has taken your race name.
Google has a for pay version of Gmail that costs $50/year.  You get the ability to use a specific domain (as long as you have access to that domain).  This page offers detailed information on GMail for Business.

EMail Forwarding
This is a common feature among most email systems, including GMail.  If an email comes into the address, you can auto-forward that to one or more people and their emails.  Make sure you set up a mechanism for making sure someone replies to all posts, or you don’t duplicate efforts!

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