Improved Mobile experience

Profile PictureYou will notice continued refinement of our new responsive Mobile 2.0 design.

In the first image, note how we have Help on every page. Also if you are logged in, there is a menu icon right below the Help button to give you quick links to your Profile and other Registered Races.

Also in the first image, you can see the first wave of a series of improvements for the Profile. Now that RunSignUp is getting very popular it is increasingly likely runners have used RunSignUp to register for a number of races. This way runners can easily manage their races and take advantage of features Mobile race registrationthat races have enabled such as changing events, looking up bib numbers, seeing previous times, and managing other members of their family.

In the second, third and fourth images, you will see how clean the interface has become. Mobile users (now 42% of registrants on RunSignUp) expect a pleasant experience designed for their phones.

Our goal is to make your race look better and better in the eyes of your runners.


Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 9.06.46 AM Mobile Race Registration

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