Right to deny service

We hate to do this, but we have just had to add a sentence to our contract. It basically gives us the right to deny service or withhold funds from races where registrants are complaining or there are repeated chargebacks. This is due to a couple of race directors who have put up bogus races and are simply trying to take money from runners without providing any real value. They have not held races and not delivered what was promised. And that is not why we got into this business.

2 thoughts on “Right to deny service

  • Not sure If I like this new addition of withholding funds at will. Abuse of any system is going to exiist when scam artists find a way, that’s the internet. Withholidng funds need to be a defined step by step process by runsignup and not a new line or two added to the waiver. Granted this is probably needed for particiapant security but it has to be done right. Blindsiding a legit event could be devistating..

    • We are very sensitive to this, and I agree it is heavy handed. The problem is that there was a questionable race director who basically disappeared and we were stuck with the participant complaints and chargebacks. So we needed a way to refuse service to that race director in the future, as well as enable us to handle other future abusers.

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