January 2014 Newsletter

RunSignUp Go

RunSignUp Go is a strategic effort to help bring race day together for race directors and timers. RunSignUp Go provides an open platform to connect the various parts of race day.

  • Race Day Registration. This includes mobile and kiosk registration.
  • Bib Assignment. Pick your method of bib assignment, including dynamic bib assignment that supports handing out bibs at multiple locations and times.
  • Race Day and Expo Check-In. Enables real time check-in with kiosks, Chromebooks, iPads or smart phones.
  • Participant Editing. Need to make last minute changes at Check-In? Easy.
  • Results, Notifications and Videos/Photos. RunSignUp offers free tracking/notifications. And we have a rich set of partners like My-Finish, RunScore Results, Xact, Athlinks, Lapio, RaceJoy and RaceFace.

See a complete list of RunSignUp Go partners here. Read more details on RunSignUp Go.

Results 2.0

Continuing on our second generation series of releases, we are pleased to announce the release of Results 2.0. This includes a number of great features for any size race.

  • Easy Upload, including tight intergation with The Race Director and RunScore.
  • Simple collaboration between race directors and timers.
  • Individual Results, including Custom URL, QR Code.
  • Finishers Certificate.
  • Mobile & Kiosk Results.
  • Free Notification and Runner Tracking. Sign up right in the registration path as well as easy sharing for tracking sign up via EMail, Facebook and Twitter.

Widget 2.0 

Widgets are the way that you can easily put a part of RunSignUp, like race registration, right on your website. This means participants are not redirected to another site for registration. About 50% of registrations on RunSignUp happen on other sites – so this is very popular.

Our Widget 2.0 release brings two major features. You can now save Styles and reuse them across all of your widgets. The second feature is that the configuration is held on RunSignUp, and not directly in the code on your site. This means you can make a single change to your widget configuration on RunSignUp and all of your widget pages are updated immediately. This is great for any race, timer, running club or running store with more than a single widget.

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