FirstGiving Integration

First GivingRunSignUp and FirstGiving have partnered to offer a simple way for race directors to use FirstGiving for fundraising within the RunSignUp race registration process.

Race directors can now tie their event to one or more of the 1.8 million, FirstGiving supported, charities. During the registration process, participants can make additional donations to or fundraise for a selected charity organization. Donations are processed

First Giving Integration

through the FirstGiving system, providing reporting for organizations collecting money across multiple events.

One of the main advantages of this for race directors is that FirstGiving handles all of the donated money and makes payments directly to the charity.

Runner/Donor Experience:
Runners and donors will see the FirstGiving Charity (or multiple charities) in the Donate tab of RunSignUp as well in the registration process. This means each runner who registers for your race will be given a chance to make a donation to the charity.

Checkout CartDonations are actually processed by FirstGiving. This means that if a runner has both a race fee and a donation on checkout, the race fee is processed by RunSignUp and the donation is processed by FirstGiving. Normal processing fees apply for the RunSignUp part of the registration. Please consult with your FirstGiving representative for applicable processing fees that are taken out of the donation.

Race Director Set-up:
Screen First Giving SetupShot 2014-03-01 at 1.20.37 PMSetting up FirstGiving donations is simple. Simply select FirstGiving as the donation handling option at the top of the page.

You can look up the charity with the convenient search pop-up. Or if you know the specific FirstGiving number (ask your FirstGiving representative for help if you need it). You can also put in a custom message and instructions.

Additionally, you can set a direct link to the FirstGiving page that runners will see displayed in a number of areas.

First Giving Transaction ReportThat is literally all there is too it. Quick and simple. Ā FirstGiving will take care of making the payments for donations to the charity. We give you a report of the donations made thru FirstGiving in RunSignUp, along with the FirstGiving transaction ID so you can track on both sides.

Here is a video that reviews how this is used.

RunSignUp – FirstGiving Integration

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