Change & The Internet’s Third Wave

“The third wave of the Internet is about to break. The opportunity is now shifting to integrating it into everyday life, in increasingly seamless and ubiquitous ways.”

Steve Case, the founder of AOL, wrote the above comment in a recent article in the Washington Post titled “Get Ready, the Internet is About the Change Again“. In the article he says the first wave was about building the infrastructure to connect people, the second wave was “creating new ways for them to access information and one another”.

The RunSignUp community is a great example of this third wave. There are so many opportunities to bring change and improvement to races. We get excited thinking about all the areas of development we are working on and the great feedback we are getting from our community as we continue to roll out these changes. Our roadmap includes the following improvements just this year:

  • GPS Tracking, Splits and Alerts with RaceJoy
  • Enhanced fast Payments
  • Real website capability for every race done easily
  • Off-Line check-in app
  • Race Day Kiosks
  • Integrated, auto-scheduled email marketing and race communications
  • Enhanced Partner Dashboard and analytics for large multi-race customers
  • The beginning of a new generation of Race Director functionality and ease of use for timers and participants

symposiumLogo2015Come learn how your race(s) can benefit from the rapid changes technology is enabling at the RunSignUp Race Director and Timer Symposium. We will be sharing our roadmap in detail, and more importantly you will get to learn from your colleagues. We hope to see you in Philly July 7 and or 8th!

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