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We are pleased to announce a partnership with Allianz Global Assistance to begin offering their event registration insurance* for events registering on RunSignUp effective immediately.  Allianz Global Assistance is the world leader in travel insurance, assistance and personal services.

Event registration insurance is an optional offering that Race Directors can include for their participants when setting up events on RunSignUp. RunSignUp pays a fee to any race that turns on Event Insurance equal to 20% of the value of the event insurance purchased by your race participants. The option to turn on event insurance is found under the “Financial” Tab on the race dashboard under “Event Insurance”.

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Event registration insurance protects participants for 100% of their registration and processing fees for races that they are unable to attend for covered reasons. There is the basic registration protection, and the more expensive option that also covers a participant if they are Required to Work ($7.99 minimum vs. $8.99 minimum cost). Details of the coverage and costs are found on the Event Insurance page under Financial on the race dashboard.

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Once event registration insurance is enabled by the Race Director for a race, a registrant will be offered an opportunity to purchase the insurance at check out. The Insurance offer is made below the checkout total. When clicked, the “Confirmation” button at the bottom is updated to show the cost.

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More information is available by clicking on the “Get reimbursed up to 100%” link – which will show a popup looking like this:

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The detailed basic Allianz Global Assistance plan is here, and the plan with Required to work is here. The link is also on the registration path.

Purchasing the insurance is a separate charge from the race registration and the purchase is made directly with Allianz Global Assistance.  The registrant only enters their credit card information once for both purchases (race registration and insurance). Once purchased the race registrant receives an email and plan directly from Allianz Global Assistance. Race organizers don’t take on any financial liability and don’t have to get involved with claims. Allianz Global Assistance handles all of the claims directly with insured registrants.

You can begin offering event registration insurance on any of your new or existing races today. RunSignup will pay the 20% fee on the value of insurance purchases to the race within 6 business days of the conclusion of your race.

*Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply.  AGA Service Company is the licensed producer and administrator of these plans.  Insurance benefits are underwritten by Jefferson Insurance Company.

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