RaceDay Scoring – Your Help and Patience Requested

rdgo_scoringWe have begun serious work on RaceDay Scoring. This is the next generation open scoring platform that will become the next generation of The Race Director over the coming years, and a core component of our overall RaceDay Go platform and strategy.

We are asking for your assistance and patience over the next 6 months. We are focusing a lot of our development resources on this project as we feel it will bring a tremendous amount of value to the endurance racing community (Our The Race Director PC offering currently scores about 11 Million finishers each year, and this new offering is the next generation of that offering with much greater power). We will continue to do other projects and make some incremental improvements, but not at our usual pace. So your patience on maybe some smaller requests may have to go on the back burner.

We will publish an initial architecture ppt and will do a webinar of what RDScoring is in the coming weeks. It is really quite exciting, and our early prototyping and design work is very encouraging. Here are some of our high level goals:

  • Modern architecture
    • Ease of use AND completely customizable (think the best of Race Director and RunScore)
    • Local AND Web mode
    • Scalable real-time updates
  •   Open architecture
    • Race & Event Definition
    • Timing equipment Connectors and Filters
    • Data Import
  • Modular Scoring
    • Multiple Output Options
    • Gun, Chip and GPS Scoring
  • New Website and Dashboard for Timers using RaceDay Scoring and RaceDay Go

We are expecting to have some early work done in the next 6 months that timers will be able to start to play with. Until then, we will try to communicate status as frequently as it makes sense and seek feedback on our approach.

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