Guest Release: Run America kicks off GEN2’s Go-to-Market Strategy with FREE BIBs!

Run America has a new product release that includes a program with free bibs for  participating race directors. The contents of their release is below, for any directors who are interested.

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA, US – 07/24/17 (PRESS RELEASE) – Run America LLC in association with Endurance Mobile LLC is pleased to announce the launch of Run America Generation II, “Gen 2” through a revitalized The former domain will continue to forward to The principal partners of Run America are hoping that the .com derivative will be available for purchase in the future. The Gen 2 mobile version is available for download through the IOS App and Google Play stores.

Run America is the absolute best place to find, review, and discuss running-infused events across America. Run America, was designed by athletic “enthusiasts” like you, many of whom maintain active lifestyles (ok… you’re crazy busy… we get it!). Run America is the place, evolving into a community, to connect with your “friends” and “foes”. 😉 It’s a place to encourage everyone to get out there, leave feedback and set (as in ready.. set..) the exact type of event you are looking for! Run America provides access to a growing list of over 450,000 events annually. Be sure to use Run America to precisely identify only those events that interest you as “time” is a factor.

“Who doesn’t like FREE,” says Ross Mistretta, Run America’s CTO/CMO. “Place a precision race refinement (filtering) app in the hands of any serious athlete or enthusiast and quite literally you’re off to the races. Couple that with an unlimited supply of FREE BIBs and its… well… off to the races.” Everyone wants to be informed in their own time! Timers and Event Directors need resources. Run America has started providing FREE BIBs to proliferate their message while providing a vital component, race bibs, to those than need them. Runners run races that fulfill their needs. That said, Run America has everyone covered. Run America’s vision is only limited by its adoption and Father Time!

Run America’s 450,000 plus events are fed by RunSignUp, Active & Race Entry. Several other prominent registrars will soon have their events added to Run America. Once all the major registrars are accounted for its Run America’s mission to integrate the hundreds of independent “island” registrars scattered across the country, if permitted. The Run America event-base will soon cross the boundaries of traditional “runs” by incorporating multisport and variety (initially referred to as “mudders”) events. Add a synthesis filter of refinements across hundreds of thousand of event, whereby pinpointing the exact race desired and finding what one wants becomes child’s play.

“The Run America app should be the first place you go when looking for a race.  We are adding hundreds of races daily. As a race director, why would you not want free bibs and the best place to highlight and find your event… it means more money for your race and charity!” says Brent Garrett, Run America’s President and CEO.

Run America integrates events and their criteria from two (2) of the three (3) largest registrars, RunSignUp (.com) and Active (.com). The third largest registrar is inline to be integrated before October 2017.

Current features available to refine event criteria are as follows:

  • Distance – How long of an event do you want to run?
  • Time – Are you interested in running a particular time of day?
  • Month – Are you a seasonal competitor?
  • Registrar – Who do you prefer? RunSignUp, Active or Race Entry?
  • Event Date Range – Need to narrow down when you’re available to run between to specific days?
  • Travel Radius – How far are you willing to travel to an event?

Generation 3, GEN3 Refinements (“sneak peak”) due out in early November 17’

  • Day – Do you like to run on a particular day of the week?
  • Participants – Do you like small, medium or large events?
  • Terrain – Like your races flat, hilly or somewhere in between?
  • Temp – Some like it hot while others a tad on the cooler side? Set your temp!
  • Cost – What are you willing to pay for an event?
  • Discount – Are discounts available? Coupon code, 2fers? etc?
  • Timer – Sweet on a timer?
  • Division – Are you a Clydesdale, Athena, Wheelchair racer?
  • Travel Costs – What does it cost to get there?
  • Cause – Do you have a cause in mind or that you feel strong about?

The above enhancements to Run America’s refinements are just the tip of the iceberg for GEN3. Download the app and start using it today. Soon there won’t be a need to look anyplace else.

Keep an eye out for Run America sponsored events (tentatively, one in each state through 2020). The top prize is a sponsorship where you can become a member of the Run America Team!

Run America FREE BIB are Powered by Athlete Race Numbers. Should your event require something a little more customized please reach out to them and let them know Run America sent you!


About Run America:

Run  America  is a tech startup based just outside of Charleston, in South Charleston, West Virginia. Founders Brent Garrett, graduate of West Virginia Wesleyan College and co-founder Ross Mistretta, a graduate of Ramapo College of NJ with a Masters Degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, lead the team. As passionate entrepreneurs with over three decades of combined experience in engineering and monitoring desktop and mobile applications these two bring a mashed up sense of reality to your traditional single purpose application. Mobile apps need to simply be. With a laundry list of innovations, the two entrepreneurs got to work, coming to terms with all the elements required to build a purposeful app that could simply put, dominate a market segment.


Brent Garrett’s Linkedin Profile

Ross Mistretta’s Linkedin Profile

To learn more about Run America and our partnership opportunities please contact:

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