We wanted to share an inside view of what really happens at our company. Last night Bob sent an email to everyone:

I know a number of you work in Moorestown, and a lot of others will be coming in another week and a half. PLEASE be careful with your shoes. There is a shoe thief loose in Moorestown.

“A person reported their left shoe was missing after they took them off while at the Moorestown Library on Sept. 6. When they went to put the shoes back on, one was missing. It is described as a purple and black Nike basketball shoe.”
The responses:
MattMo: “Just what we need, someone clogging up the system with petty crime. The thief sounds like a real heel. Somebody ought to sock them.”
Johanna: “I did end up with 2 left running shoes when I left to run today.”
MattMo: “The thief had no sole and was just being knotty.”
Kohart: “Those puns are shamelace. And that thief must be a pretty good sneaker.”
Natalie” “I love that this is on the core email chain. PunSignUp is the best!”
MattMo: “Thief last seen wielding a stilletto.  Not easily defeeted.”
Megan: “This is quite the Cinderella story.”
Kohart: “I’m flip-flopping on whether or not your pun is good Megan…”
Ryan: “Not sure what I stepped in to; this thread is laced with bad jokes.”
Megan: “I put my heart insole into that Ryan!”
Andrew S: “First of all… it wasn’t ‘purple and black’, it is more navy blue…”
MattMo: “I realized I could have done a lot better with my previous pun. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give myself Asics.”
Sue: “That’s it. I quit!”
Matt S: “Puns can bring a New Balance to workplace engagement. Good thing we don’t work with a bunch of loafers.”
Kohart: “This is sandalous.”
Connor: “Am I too late to shoehorn in a comment?”
Marlise: “I am tongue-tied…”
Bob: “I just don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.”

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