Designed to Delight: Launching the new

You might notice that our homepage looks a little different. As web trends and technologies evolve, company websites that once were modern and fresh can start to feel a little tired. RunSignUp is a growing and innovative company and it needs to have a website that reflects that. That is why we have launched a redesigned!

Website Redesign Process

  1. Define Purpose
  2. Industry Research
  3. Implementation

Defining Our Purpose

Our primary goal for this redesign was to apply a look and feel to our website that is aligned with our brand personality. What sets us apart from our competitors? What is our value proposition and how should we present that to viewers? These are some of the questions we sought to answer.

Industry Research

We were able to draw inspiration from things that work and also recognize things that might detract from our goals. Our old website had a great deal of information on it – which was both good and bad. On the one hand, we want to effectively explain what we do; on the other hand, we do not want to overwhelm.


Above all, RunSignUp is a collaborative environment. By everyone working together we were able to launch the new website. Amazing graphics from Darren Wamboldt and Jeff Kiesel – site design and frontend development from Meredith Klein – stunning videos by Andrew Sigwart – expert development and code review from Ryan Snell, Jeff Kohart, and Stephen Sigwart – we all worked together on this and we hope you like the result!


What makes people stay on a website and want to keep clicking around? Ultimately, it’s how the website makes them feel that determines how users will behave. The trend of delighting users can be seen throughout the web and applications. Have you noticed that Facebook greets you in the morning with the weather and some friendly graphics of a toaster? Combining a new color palette, pixel-perfect graphics, readable typography, and easy-to-digest content: we now have the new

Here’s the before and after:


Stay tuned – there’s more where this came from!

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