Introducing: Marketplace

We have released Marketplace, a new menu option for race directors to find dozens of vendors and services that we have partnered with to benefit our users – creating a vibrant community that adds value to our platform and to your participants.

Why Marketplace?

At RunSignUp, we strive to bring choice to race directors. We are an open platform, ensuring that our customers can select the best options for their events – both from our suite of features and from other service providers. As the largest endurance registration provider, many vendors are eager to connect with our customer base and introduce them to their products. With Marketplace, we are able to curate a list of vendors that cover a wide range of the endurance industry needs and help our races fill in any gaps in their events.

Marketplace can be found on your dashboard under the new “Marketplace” menu tab. In marketplace, you can view all partners, or break down by categories:Capture.PNG

  • Promotion
  • Training & Safety
  • Fundraising
  • CRM
  • Timing & RaceDay
  • Insurance
  • National Organizations
  • Race Gear

Instructions for engaging with and employing partners vary by partner. You can find instructions for each on Marketplace.

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