A Happy Ron-Tirement!

While Ron Synup may have gone unnoticed by many RunSignup customers over the years, he’s been a big part of the growth of this little company. With the new logo, Ron has been officially retired, and we wanted to take the opportunity to commemorate his tenure.

Ron was introduced by Bob’s wife, Marlise. You first met him as the falling running man at the front of various early iterations of our logo:


After Andrew Sigwart joined the team to help with customer service, how-to’s and video creation, Ron began to really come alive in the form of characters on the site, gifs as you waited for actions, and a guide throughout the many RunSignup videos.

ezgif.com-optimize (2)

We always appreciated Ron at his boldest: swashbuckling with ads and spam, or riding the roller coaster of our features.

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Ron also has a festive side, though. For years, he was our holiday sprite, dressing up for every occasion and bringing his family and friends (including wife, Rhonda) along for the party.

In recent years, Ron has been our model for our Annual Symposium, sharing his years of knowledge with our race directors and timers, listening in on sessions, and exploring the sites in the host city of Philadelphia.

In other words, the RunSignup team loves Ron and owes him for his years of bringing us joy. When the decision was reached that his services would no longer be needed, we were all a little worried about how Ron would take the news – after all, he’s been with us for nearly a decade.

Well, today, we got our first report back from Ron’s Ron-tirement, and it looks like one thing is clear: Ron will be just fine off in the golden land of adventures. We’re sure he’ll pop in to say hello from time to time, but for now, a few parting images from Ron (current location unknown).

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