Interview with Chris Tomlinson from Corrigan Sports Enterprises

Corrigan Sports Enterprises began in 1991 as a marketing and event implementation for golf events before growing to include multiple Running Festivals, including the Baltimore Marathon & Running Festival and the Oakland Running Festival, and other large and small running events. Today, they serve around 60,000 running registrants in a year.

We sat down to talk to their Vice President of Marketing, Chris Tomlinson, to review their process of transitioning to RunSignup – and how they manage their vast reserves of data. You can view the full case study video to learn more about how Corrigan Sports Enterprises migrated their data – and how they use it to build better relationships with their customers: 

Q: Tell us why you decided to move to RunSignup.

A: We were considering building our own platform – starting from scratch, and just building a registration platform that we owned and operated from soup to nuts. Doing some research about what elements we would include, I happened upon the RunSignup website and everything that we wanted, they already had. So, it didn’t make a lot of sense to build our own when they had everything.

Q: What was the transition like?

A: It’s been a very seamless process. We had 18 years worth of data that we had to move over into the platform, and they made that process very easy. The harder data they did for us, and then some of it we’ve been able to do.

We’ve used four different registration platforms, and they were able to get the data from all four platforms onto their system.


Q What’s a feature you are particularly excited about?

A: The multi-race feature that was added will be very big for us. We have a number of different races across different parts of the season, so getting people to register at once for all three of those races and carry that data over…We’ve been doing this for years, and it’s been a very manual process of taking the data from the first race and, when that one’s over, moving it to the second race.

That obviously creates timing issues when someone wants to see or make a change when we haven’t moved that data over yet. Being able to have that data in everything simultaneously is going to be very big for us, and for our runners.


Q: What are the benefits of RunSignup’s Race CRM?

A: We’re really excited about the changes RunSignup is making with the CRM management tools. Being able to see a snapshot of the history of the runners and what they’ve done with our races in the past is really going to be helpful so we can provide them with customize customer service. Being able to get on the dashboard and learn that they’ve participated in five or six of our races, or have done Baltimore ten times…has been great. It allows us to give that personal customer service back to them…and allows us to answer questions based on the knowledge we have about them because of the CRM.

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