Welcome, Lewis Jones!

Lewis Jones has joined our Richmond, VA office as a Customer Success Manager! Previously, Lewis worked at Race IT for 5+ years, operating as a jack-of-all-trades who handled everything from financials to analytics to data management to account management…and more. He has a strong background in marketing, analytics, and the endurance industry, as well as experience in higher education.

At RunSignup, Lewis is working with the Sales and Account Management teams on pipeline, activity, and renewal reporting. He is identifying metrics to improve our processes and implementing programs to strengthen the value RunSignup provides. Additionally, he works directly with clients to continue to expand the valued relationship between RunSignup and our customers.

Lewis participates in the endurance industry as a walker, having completed several 5K’s. However, his true loves are traveling and hiking – hiking mountains from the Blue Ridge to the Adirondacks, to the Rockies, to the Cascades and beyond. When grounded in VA, Lewis loves food and is an avid learner of history.

His photo here is a visual record of his interest in hiking and history – it was taken inside an ancient Peublo dwelling (built around 1150) in Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico.



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