240 Timers Get RaceDay Certified!



RunSignup’s RaceDay Timer Certification tour held its final session in Orlando this week and  attracted the highest attendance of the four-city locations with 100 timers being certified. An impressive 240 timers are now certified on RunSignup’s RaceDay Technology Suite and have received in-depth training on race day technology with an emphasis on RaceDay Scoring and RaceJoy. All certification sessions sold out even after expanding initial attendance plans. This demonstrates timers’ strong interest in delivering greater value to their race events.


RaceDay Certification Includes Training on Essential Race Day Technology


The purpose of the timer certification program is to arm timers with competitive technology so that they can differentiate and grow their business. The race industry has changed and events look to the timers as their technology expert. RunSignup’s core focus is on delivering continuous technology innovation to the race industry and offers a comprehensive RaceDay Technology Suite that is specifically designed with timers in mind. Certified timers have the advantage of an in-depth understanding of all the race day tools available and how to get the most out of them.

Race Timers Receiving RaceDay Certification in Orlando

RaceDay Certified timers also have the exclusive opportunity to offer RaceJoy as an add-on service to their events and is a way for them to provide something other timers in their area are not able to offer. Certified timers will take on the responsibility of map creation and overall RaceJoy management for their races. There was tremendous excitement at being able to offer RaceJoy and many discussions took place about creative ways RaceJoy can add value to their races.  Certified timers are jumping on this opportunity – as we finish up the last one-on-one session, already 40 races have been set up with RaceJoy by certified timers.

Thanks to all the timers who invested the time to receive training and who are embracing new technology! We are excited to be partnering with you and hope you enjoy your Yetis! Be on the look out for educational Webinars available only for RaceDay Certified Timers.

Each RaceDay Certified Timer Received a Cool Yeti Tumbler!


If you are a timer and want to be RaceDay Certified, we will be offering on-site certification at RunSignup’s 2019 Symposium on Wednesday, July 17 in Philadelphia, or you can become certified through the virtual certification program – to be launched by April, 2019.  Email shelly@racejoy.com to be notified when registration opens.






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