Randomize “Add a Donation” Charity at Checkout

If your race supports multiple charity partners, you can now randomize the charity that shows on the checkout page for non-donors. This allows races with multiple charity partners to take advantage of the option to ask non-donors if they would like to tack on a small donation before they check out. When enabled, approximately 10-12% of non-donors select “Add a donation” option, increasing overall donations AND new donor contacts.


Here are the quick steps to set this up for your race with multiple charity partners:

  1. Navigate to Donations >> Charities on the Race Dashboard.
  2. Check the option to show a checkbox on the registration checkout page to add a charity donation.screenshot-runsignup.com-2019.03.20-16-48-26.png
  3. Then select — Choose a Random Charity — from the top of the dropdown menu.Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 4.39.15 PM.png
  4. Finally, enter a custom Donation Amount to show on the checkout page for non-donors. We typically recommend a small amount between $1 and $5, because many participants won’t overthink tacking on a few dollars to their transaction. If this amount is too high, you may see fewer donor opt-ins.

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