RunSignup for Nonprofits: Early Adopter Webinar

Interested in the Early Adopter Program for our 3 new nonprofit features but couldn’t make the webinar? We have you covered with a summary, a full recording of the webinar, and some additional resources.

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Here are some notes and additional resources from today’s webinar.

What is RunSignup for Nonprofits and the Early Adopter Program?

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  • RunSignup for Nonprofits adds new features for nonprofits that want to use RunSignup’s free all-in-one platform and low processing fees for their events, websites, and donation and fundraising campaigns.
  • The Early Adopter Program lets a select group of customers use and provide feedback on the new nonprofit features before they are publicly available.
  • Learn more here.

What do Early Adopters get to do?

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Can I be an Early Adopter?


You will need to submit an application and meet the following requirements:

  • 501c3
  • Current RunSignup customer with a 501c3 payment account
  • Agree to provide feedback, including a scheduled phone call and mandatory survey.
  • Be self-sufficient, excited to try new technology, comfortable with limited features and support, and open to providing feedback that impacts our product development plans.

Want to learn more?

Early Adopter Program:
Nonprofit Ticket Events:
How to Create a Ticket Event:
Ticket Event Reporting:
Advanced Ticket Event Features:
Nonprofit Dashboard:

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