Recurring Donations for Nonprofit Ticket Events

Nonprofit Ticket Events can now enable recurring donations, giving your supporters the option to make a recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual donation when purchasing a ticket or making a stand-alone donation.

Enable Recurring Donations

To enable recurring donations for your nonprofit’s Ticket Event, go to Donations >> Donations Setup on your Ticket Event Dashboard. Turn on “Allow Recurring Donations” and click Save Donation Setup at the bottom of the page.

Enabling the second setting to “Allow Stop Amount for Recurring Donations” will let your donors end their recurring donation when a total donation amount is reached. For example, your donor can make a monthly recurring contribution of $25 until they have donated $300, at which point the recurring donation will end.

By default, the nonprofit absorbs the processing fee for all recurring donations. However, donors always have the option to absorb the processing fee on recurring donations. The default message that recurring donors see when they donate is “Make your donation go further by paying the processing fee.” If you would like to update the default message, you can enter your own by clicking Display Settings on the Donations >> Donations Setup page.

What Donors See

Donors can select the donation frequency, absorb the processing fee, and (if enabled) specify the amount at which they’d like the recurring donation to stop.

When a donation is made, the donor receives a confirmation email. For recurring donations, there is a Manage Donation link on the confirmation email.

When the Manage Donation link is clicked, there are a number of donor management options:

  • Disable recurring donation
  • Update credit card
  • View all donations
  • Edit donation amount
  • Edit donation frequency
  • Update the amount when the recurring donation stops
  • Update whether or not processing fee is paid by donor


There is a report that shows all recurring donations under Donations >> Recurring Donations List. You can end a recurring donation by clicking the red Disable button. You can click Donations to view transaction details for each instance of a recurring donation.

Each individual instance of a recurring donation will also show in the Donations Report and Financial reports.

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