Fundraiser Email Capabilities

RunSignup offers the capability for fundraisers to send emails right from their fundraising page to request donations, thank donors, and invite others to join their fundraising team. Race directors can promote their nonprofit’s brand and make it easy for their supporters to engage their networks by creating preset templates and content for fundraisers to send to a custom list of contacts. 

How it works for race directors

On the Race Dashboard, under Fundraising >> Email >> Fundraiser Email Templates, race directors can create templates for fundraiser emails.

fundraising blog_tabs

There are three main template types:

  • Donation Request
  • Donation Thank You
  • Fundraising Team Recruitment

Race directors can create as many templates for each category as they like. They can input HTML code to fully customize the emails, or they can easily build on the default version that RunSignup creates. These incorporate the race banner, logo, and colors:

fundraising blog_basic

With this template, the race director can enter a message, insert images, change colors, and remove elements if they choose. 

They can create a custom template name and email subject.

fundraising blog_email subject

How it works for fundraisers

Fundraisers can go to their fundraising page and select Manage Fundraiser, then any of the options below it (Edit Fundraiser, View Donations, View Roster, Links/Sharing).

fundraisingblog_manage fundraiser

At the top of the page, menu items to send, draft, and view sent email will appear, along with the ability to manage and import contacts.

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 9.54.36 AM.png

To send an email, the fundraiser must click the Send Emails menu item. At the top of the page, fundraisers must indicate their email’s recipients. They can choose from a list of contacts they have added, or they can select all their contacts. To add contacts, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Manage Contacts.

fundraisingblog_add custom contact

Next, the fundraiser can select an email template (or start with a completely blank template). They can customize the subject line or leave it as it is.

fundraising blog_ select email template

Next, they can customize the email itself. Fundraisers can personalize their email by writing their own message, adding images, and including the link to their fundraising page.

fundraising blog_writeemail

This is how the emails appear to the recipient:

fundraiser blog_email

This is a great way for races to enable their fundraisers to reach out to donors without much effort on the fundraiser’s part.

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