Symposium 2019: Going Green

We love giving our customers the opportunity to speak at our Symposiums. Brandon Hough, founder of Advanced Running Project, joined us this year to talk about how your race can make an effort to go green. Events can generate a lot of waste. With most races, water stations, food, and single use plastics can pile […]

Symposium 2019: UX Review

As a website, the user experience is very important to us. Our UX Developers, Jeff and Darren, took some time at this year’s Symposium to talk about the UX changes that have been happening within the company for the past year. From new features to our rebranding, they’ll walk you through what has changed and […]

Sales Tax and Marketplace States

Our primary motivation for implementing a comprehensive sales tax system is to help races stay in compliance with their state laws. This has reached a higher level of urgency for all registration and ticket companies over the past year as states have passed “Marketplace” laws. These laws target larger entities like Amazon, Wayfair, RunSignup and […]