Symposium 2019: Digital Marketing for Races

Marketing your race can have a huge impact on your race registrations. While out of home marketing strategies (flyers, billboards, etc.) are still popular, the rise of social media opens up new marketing channels. Thomas and Rachael of Big Run Media specialize in digital marketing from endurance events. They’ve mastered the art of digital advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Google, and have helped many races grow their registrations through these platforms. They took some time to visit us at our 2019 Symposium to give a presentation about Digital Marketing for Races.

To view the full length presentation, you can watch the video embedded below, or visit our YouTube page.

Looking to learn some more? Most of our slides from Symposium are now up on our slideshare site, and videos from our presentations will be continuously rolling out on this YouTube playlist over the coming weeks.

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