Fundraising Dinner: Ticket Groups and Levels Example

Small-scale fundraising events: Spaghetti Dinners and Pancake Breakfasts

GiveSignup ticket events are great for small and simple fundraisers, like pancake breakfasts and spaghetti dinners, because our platform is flexible and free. You can set up your events on GiveSignup, pass on the processing fees, and generate additional revenue for your nonprofit for no cost. Here is an example of how to use ticket groups and levels to set up a simple fundraising dinner. 


This event only requires a single ticket group with two ticket levels. The pricing is different for the Adult and Child ticket levels:

Other Scenarios

  • If your nonprofit does small monthly events like dinners, you could create 12 ticket groups and manage ticket purchases from one event website (instead of having to create a new event for each month).
  • If you need volunteers at your dinner, you could create a ticket group with ticket levels for each task.

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