Golf Tournament: Ticket Groups and Levels Example

Setting up Ticket Groups and Levels

GiveSignup ticket events offer flexible ways to create ticket options for potential attendees. Ticket options are categorized into groups and levels. A ticket group is a category of ticket levels that correspond to part or all of a ticket event. At least one ticket group is required. Ticket levels are a sub-category of ticket groups, and are used to create different options or variants such as times or prices. At least one ticket level is required for every group. Because ticket groups and levels are so flexible, there is usually more than one “right way” to set them up for each nonprofit event. However, there are some frequently used setups for common event types.

In this post, we’ll go through a couple of example setups for a fundraising golf tournament.  

Golf Tournament Fundraisers

Golf tournaments are popular nonprofit fundraising events. Some golf tournaments use only one or two ticket groups, and then set up several ticket levels for tee times. Others set up ticket groups or levels so that foursome can sign up together. Here is an example setup from a real golf outing event on GiveSignup, the Lisa Martz Charity Golf Classic

The first two ticket groups, Individual and Team of 4, are the ones for which golfers can sign up. The others are different sponsor level options. 

Each ticket or sponsor group has only one ticket level. 

The Team of 4 ticket level requires the ticket buyer to buy tickets in sets of 4:

Within each of the sponsor ticket groups, there is a single ticket level called Sponsorship

This event is a great example of the flexibility of ticket groups. Ticket groups and levels can be used to sell both sponsorships and tickets in the same event–and you can create as many ticket groups and ticket levels as you need. 

Another golf example

Here is another example of how a golf tournament could be set up: 

In this example, there are two parts of the tournament– a Friday morning outing and a Friday afternoon outing. Golfers get to choose which one they’d like to participate in. They also get to choose their tee time (the event director can set caps on how many people register for each tee time). 

This is a good setup because it organizes what could become a complex event. Attendees choose their own outing and tee time, which means the event directors don’t have to sort through a list and assign tee times to golfers. They can simply set caps on ticket levels to prevent too many golfers from registering for that tee time.

Raise More and Save Time

The Lisa Martz Charity Classic is a good example of how nonprofits can raise more with the features on GiveSignup ticket events. It is easy for potential sponsors to go to the website, view their options, and sign up as a sponsor in just a couple of clicks (which increases revenue for the nonprofit). The nonprofit also saves time, because they don’t need to spend time manually recording sponsorships and accepting checks. 

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