Webinar Recap: RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser Integration

Nonprofits can raise more and save time with RunSignup’s free Facebook Fundraiser API Integration. The integration allows your fundraisers to auto-create a Facebook Fundraiser from RunSignup. The amounts raised on RunSignup and Facebook are automatically synced, enabling your participants (and your nonprofit) to raise more and reach fundraising goals faster.

Today’s webinar covered:

  • A demo of your participants’ process of creating a Facebook Fundraiser when they register for your race

If you would like to watch a demo of how participants can become Facebook Fundraisers when they sign up for your race, you can watch the webinar starting at 3:00 – 7:30: https://youtu.be/6EDpC_Ak96o?t=180

  • The benefits of Facebook Fundraising for your nonprofit

Raise More. On average, connected fundraisers raise over $150 through Facebook. Facebook’s powerful social network and ease of use make it easy for your fundraisers to ask their friends for donations.

Save Time. The RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser API Integration automates the process of manually logging and tracking Facebook donations for your race. 

Save Money. It’s free to use the RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser API Integration. Donations made on RunSignup have a low 4% processing fee (yes, that includes credit card fees) that you can absorb, pass to your donors, or give your donors the option to cover. Facebook’s free processing fees lower your nonprofit’s donation processing fees even more when you enable the RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser API Integration.

  • How to set up and manage the integration

You can find more information about how to set up your Facebook Fundraiser integration here: https://runsignup.blog/2019/07/10/set-up-runsignups-facebook-fundraiser-api-integration/

You can find more information about how to manage the integration here: https://runsignup.blog/2019/07/10/manage-your-races-facebook-fundraiser-api-integration/

  • What’s coming next for our Facebook Fundraiser API Integration

In the next month, we will release new and detailed reporting for the RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser API Integration. While the actual content and look of the reports may vary, these screenshots demonstrate our next step towards more advanced reporting.

Splash page – Overall Facebook Fundraiser Integration Statistics
Facebook Fundraiser Report (races)
Facebook Donations Report (races)
Facebook Fundraiser Report (Charity Partners)

Longer term, we are excited to bring you more information and tips about Facebook Fundraising. Future developments include:

  • RunSignup will share summary statistics on the impact of Facebook Fundraisers for fundraising run/walk/rides and charity partners on our platform
  • Facebook will be releasing a guide on how to maximize the benefits of Facebook Fundraising ~1-2 months
  • Integration extended to GiveSignup Donation Website Fundraisers and Fundraising Campaigns in first half of 2020

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