Add Offline Donations to Donation Websites

When your nonprofit receives donations by cash or check, you can record as a Manual Donation in your Donation Website Dashboard. All Manual Donations will count towards your donation goal progress, show in the top donor scroll, and appear in your donation reports.

You can add offline donations by navigating to Donations >> Manual on your Donation Website Dashboard.

The required fields that you must enter with each offline donation include:

  • Donor First Name
  • Donor Last Name
  • Donor Email
  • Donation Amount
  • Donation Date

All of the other fields are optional, but are available so that you can have more detailed reporting and tracking of your offline donations.

You can add multiple manual donations at once by clicking the orange “Add another manual donation” button. This will make a new entry form appear, with your previous manual donation(s) saved at the top of the page.

Once you click “Save Donations”, your manual donations will show in your Donation Lists (Donations >> Donation List).

The donation will also count towards the donation goal on your Donation Website, and show in the donor scrolling list (if you choose to display these components on your website).

It is important to note that offline donations added with a donation date prior to the start date of your Donation Website will NOT reflect in the donation goal or donor list. However, those manual donations will show on your donation reports.

The next phase of Manual Donations will be the ability to import a CSV of offline donations. In the future, we will also add Manual Donations to Ticket Events, as well as the ability to edit and delete recorded offline donations.

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