Give Supporters the Option to Pay Ticket Fees

You can now give your supporters the option to pay the processing fee on ticket purchases. This is set up in the Ticket Event Wizard >> 4. Payment.

When you select “Processing fee comes out of charge” for Registration, a checkbox will appear to “Give registrants the option to pay the processing fee during registration.”

When selected, you can enter a custom prompt to encourage your supporters to pay their ticket purchase processing fees.

When supporters purchase their tickets, a pre-selected option to absorb the processing fee with your custom prompt will show on the checkout cart.

If supporters do not want to pay the processing fee, they can simply unselect the option to cover the processing fee. In this case, your nonprofit would absorb the processing fee.

We have written about the positive impact that opt-in donor covered fees have had on processing fees for registrations and donations. GiveSignup is a free platform for nonprofits, with no monthly or subscription fees. We only make money from processing fees that you can absorb or pass on to your supporters so that your nonprofit can get free websites, free domains, free CRM, free email marketing, free Facebook Fundraising integration, and free DIY fundraising. Donor covered fees give your nonprofit the flexibility to share the processing fee costs with your supporters in an open and transparent way.

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