Create Promotions for your Ticket Event

You can now send promotional emails for your Ticket Event to a CRM list, which can include participants from your races, donors, and/or fundraisers. This is a powerful way to cross-promote different types of events to various groups of supporters with targeted messaging and incentives.

This blog walks you through how to send a promotional email for a nonprofit ticket event to your race participants.

Step 1: Create List

First, you can create a list across all of your supporters using the filters provided. Go to CRM >> Create List in your Ticket Event Dashboard. Select Participants, which will expand filters you can apply to your participants. In this example, I want to create a list with all participants from the (fictional) Moorestown 10K:

Then add a name for the list, and click save.

Step 2: Create a Coupon (Optional)

This step is optional. If you would like to send a promotion to your CRM list that includes a discount code to your Ticket Event, you will first need to create the coupon code by going to Financial >> Coupons. You can find a full guide on how to create a coupon code here.

One effective way to create coupons for your Ticket Event Promotions is to make them time-limited, which incentivizes your supporters to take action. Here is an example of a time-limited coupon set up:

Step 3: Create a Promotion

Go to CRM >> Create a Promotion. Select the CRM Lists that you would like to send a promotion. Then draft your promotional message to send to the selected list(s).

The email will send to the selected lists:

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