Schedule and Send Ticket Event Reminder and Thank You Notifications

We’ve made it easy for nonprofits to email their ticket purchasers and/or ticket holders before and after an event.

Sending a reminder of your attendees’ ticket purchase, ensuring that they have their ticket purchase QR code ready for a fast check-in with GiveSignup’s Ticket Event CheckIn App, communicating event details (like parking, directions, event schedule, etc.), and thanking your supporters for attending is simple with Event Communication Notifications.

It is important to note that you can only send ONE Ticket Event Reminder and ONE Ticket Event Thank You per ticket event.

You can customize and schedule emails any time ahead of your event by going to Event >> Notifications. Under Event Communication, you will see two options: the pre-event Ticket Event Reminder and the post-event Ticket Event Thank You.

Ticket Event Reminder

Go to Event >> Notifications and click Ticket Event Reminder under Event Communication. First you can customize the content of the Ticket Event Reminder. There is pre-populated content in the email, which you can easily add to, overwrite, or delete to replace with your own content.

The pre-populated email contains three optional email placeholders that you can choose to include with unique ticket purchaser or ticket holder information:

  • %TICKET_EVENT_LOGO%: This automatically shows your ticket event’s website logo (set up by going to Event >> Event Page >> Event Theme)
  • %RSU_PURCHASE_SUMMARY%: This pulls in the attendee’s ticket purchase or ticket holder details, including number of tickets broken down by ticket group and ticket level.
  • %RSU_PURCHASE_CONFIRMATION_CODE%: This is the unique QR code for the ticket purchase OR the individual ticket, depending on whether you send the notification to ticket purchasers or ticket holders. When attendees have their QR code for quick scanning at check-in, it makes using the GiveSignup Ticket CheckIn App even easier.

You can add in additional event details that you would like your participants to have leading up to the event, such as parking information, directions, event schedule, what to bring, etc.

If you would like a custom look to your notification, you can edit the source code. This allows you to copy HTML from any email template and paste into the notification. You can still use the email replacement tags to include ticket purchase information in the Ticket Event Reminder notification.

Once your customizations have been made, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

After saving any custom email content, use the test email function at the top of the page to send yourself a test notification so that you can make sure the content and layout of the email are what you would like.

Now you can customize the rest of your Ticket Event Reminder settings:

  1. Set the Send Date when you would like your event attendees to receive your pre-event email reminder. We recommend setting the date and time approximately 24-48 hours ahead of your event’s start. You will be able to update the date and time ahead of the scheduled send; however, once the notification is sent it cannot be re-sent or updated.
  2. Next, select Recipients. Recipients can be:
  3. Then you can add a Custom Subject Line by selecting the checkbox. When you do, a pre-populated subject line will show, which you can easily overwrite.
  4. Once you have finished your settings, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Ticket Event Thank You

You can also schedule a Thank You notification to send after your event. Go to Event >> Notifications and click Ticket Event Thank You.

The set up is the same as the Ticket Event Reminder notification, with the exception that you do not have email placeholder tags for QR Code or Purchase Summary.

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