Upcoming Conferences

To beat a dead horse: we’re pretty big on education. It’s why we host a (now Biannual!) RunSignup Symposium, offer a Webinar Series, put together an annual RaceTrends Report, and provide the most comprehensive support section we’ve ever seen.

If you, as a race director or timer, are seeking out more education, we recommend one (or more!) of the various industry conferences – and we’re usually there, too. If you’re looking for a conference or are hoping to catch up with a RunSignup team member in person, we have a new resource for you:

Conferences Page: https://runsignup.com/conferences

The URL is pretty simple, but you don’t have to remember it – it’s linked right from the “Learning” section of the RunSignup website:

From there, you can find four things:

  • Information & registration for the 2020 RunSignup Winter Symposium
  • Information & a mailing list for the 2020 RunSignup Summer Symposium
  • A calendar of what other conferences and forums RunSignup or GiveSignup will be attending in the upcoming months (let us know if you want to meet up!)
  • A good illustration of how versatile and impressive RunSignup Cover Pages and websites are (build yours today!).
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