Donation Websites: CSV Upload for Offline Donations

You can now upload a CSV file of offline donations to any donation website. This makes it efficient to enter a large number of offline donations to your donation website.

First, you will need a CSV file with the data you would like to import.

Required fields for your CSV include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Donation Amount
  • Donation Date

Additional fields that you can import for your offline donations include:

  • DOB
  • Gender
  • Phone Number
  • Donor Address
  • Donor City
  • Donor Country
  • Donor Zip Code
  • Donation Level
  • Designation
  • On behalf of designation (i.e. on behalf of, in honor of, etc.)
  • On behalf of name
  • External Reference ID

Go to Donations >> Manual in your Donation Website Dashboard and click CSV Import.

Select the CSV File that you would like to upload and then click Continue.

GiveSignup automatically maps the columns in your CSV file to the fields in the GiveSignup database. You can scroll through to ensure that mapping is accurate. Select Ignore Column for any fields you do not want to import (remember, the required fields must be included).

Once your field mapping is confirmed, click Continue. You will need to select your date format (if different than mm/dd/yyyy), and confirm whether or not your file’s first row contains headers.

You will be able to review your manual import before confirming.

You will also be able to add any additional manual donations through the form before confirming your upload. When you are ready to import your file, click Save Donations.

If any of the required fields are missing, you will be prompted to add data before saving your donation upload. If there is a significant volume of missing fields, you can also cancel your upload and edit directly in your CSV file, save, and re-upload.

Your manual donations will now show in your donation report when you go to Donations >> Donation List. They will also show in your donation goal and scrolling donor list (if displayed on your donation website).

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